Olive Oil Market
Global Marketplace

The Case: OliveOilMarket is B2B Marketplace website dedicated to Extra Virgin Olive Oil Industry Promotion worldwide.

The Approach: Built on a highly customized version of WordPress, the responsive design uses a ‘long-scroll’ design concept to walk users through the key highlights of World Olive Oil Industry. An integrated media campaign was developed and deployed across traditional (newsprint & consumer magazines) and digital channels (Facebook, Youtube, online newspapers and niche Industrial sites).

The Outcome: The website www.oliveoilmarket.eu become the N 1 among most visited websites in the World Olive Oil Industry after 6 month from its inception, successfully raised awareness of company in the world olive oil industry. Currently site has over 200,000 monthly visitors.

Olive Oil Market, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
Client: Olive Oil Market
Date: November 2012